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Arts and Culture Inspiration 02/21/2021

What I'm digging this week:

        1. I`ve been listening to a lot of house and soul music in the studio this week. This particular video stuck with me due to the stunning visuals. The song, imagery and editing fuse into a beautiful piece of video art. Another cool thing about this video is that all the footage was collected from a global video channel screening the best in culture across Art & Design, Fashion & Beauty, Music, Culture, and Food & Travel



          2.   I watched an Arrowmont Instructor rountable discussion where the artists discussed how they used ancient techniques, approaches and concepts in their contemporary practices. The instructors were Alicia Goodwin (jewelry designer), Beth Ireland (woodworking), Lynette D. Youson ( Basket Weaver) I cant find the replay unfortunately but ill link it when I do.

          Some one I think who also does this really well is JoAnne Russo a contemporary basket artist She uses a variety of materials in her pieces, from natural elements such as acorns and sweet grass, to other materials such as black ash porcupine quills and zippers.

          JoAnne Russo, Acorn Basket, #74, 2003, black ash, pine needles, nylon thread, and acorns, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Martha G. Ware and Steven R. Cole, 2011.47.62A-B


          3. Mardi Gras Float houses.

          'Ladies Let the Good Times Roll' Mardi Gras house float, designed by Monica Rose Kelly and Tyla Maiden, 1401 Laharpe St.

           'Dancing Queen, You are in Quarantine,' Mardi Gras house float, 6110 St. Charles Ave.


          What is keeping you inspired these days? Let me know in the comments.



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