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Sweet Salone


Its been quiet over here in the studio for the last couple of months because I have been far away in sunny Sierra Leone, West Africa!

I had the opportunity to reconnect with extended family, take in new sights, go on a few adventures and find inspiration. 

Every time I travel I return with a fresh perspective and new ideas to add to my work. Ill be sharing a series of posts about my travel experience and some of the artists I met along the way. Join my Notables Club to get updates right in your inbox.      


Tacaguma Chimpanzee Sanctuary


Sierra Leone street views.


Making new friends (He just had to try on my sunglasses)!


Fishing boats ready to be taken out for the catch!


 Love is in the air! Madinga wedding in Kenema.


Fresh pineapples anyone?! Certified organic.


Cousins meet up! (we clean up nice)


Kenema Clock Tower


 Yummy roasted plantain snacks!



 Beach Soccer


I have to get my coffee fix no matter where, Sierra Leone grows some amazing coffee!

House on the hill views


Sleepy street dogs in the afternoon heat.



Atlantic Ocean sunset at Tokkeh beach.


Mural honoring Sengbe Pieh, who led an 1839 mutiny on board the Cuban schooner Amistad, initiating the first slave rebellion in history to be successfully defended in American courts.


Drinking fresh palm wine with my Yagala family.

Would you like to read more to about my time in Sierra Leone and some of the amazing artists I met? Join my Notables Club to get updates right in your inbox.                   

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