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How to Find Your Perfect Bracelet Size!

Choosing the right bracelet for you is a combination of style and fit. Here are a few guidelines to help make sure your new bracelet bracelet fits you perfectly.


The Process for Measuring the Bracelet Size.

Every one has different  needs when it comes to comfort. Maybe you are an active person who wants a snug fit or you like to layer your bracelets so you may want something looser fit.

Once you know how you want your bracelet to fit, it’s time to determine your wrist measurement. Either using a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper, wrap it under your wrist bone. If using the tape, note the measurement in inches. If you use the piece of paper, mark where it intersects with itself and then measure up to that mark on a flat surface using a ruler. 


Chain/Link Bracelets

For a snug fit, you want to add ¼ to ½ inches of length onto the measurement. For a comfortable fit, add ¾ to 1 inch of length. And if you want a loose fit, consider adding up to 1¼ inches. In these increments, these allowances will help give you the fit you want.

For link and chain bracelets, you can test the fit using your fingers. If you can slip 2-3 fingers between the chain and your wrist comfortably, that indicates a good fit.


Bangle Bracelets

The process is a little different when measuring for bangles. Instead of measuring around the wrist bone, you want to close your fingers together. Bring your thumb to your little finger, almost as if you were actually putting a bangle on. Then, take the measuring tape or strip of paper and wrap it around your hand at the widest point. This measurement will be the bangle size to compare to bracelet size guides. 


Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets should fight tightly on the wrist and/or forearm. The ends shouldn’t cinch together, and your skin shouldn’t get clutched between the ends. Neither should the cuff roll around your arm that much.

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