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A stack of square jewelry polishing pads.
A stack of square jewelry polishing pads next to a clean,  shiny sterling silver and brass ring.

Jewelry Polishing Pads

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Do you love your brass,copper or silver jewelry but hate how it tarnishes sometimes?  Lotions, hair spray, sweat and even moisture from the air can leave your jewelry looking dull and lackluster.  Polishing pads offer a and safe easy way to keep your jewelry bright and shiny without the use of messy cleaning solutions. Theses 2"x2" square pads are small enough to keep with you for on the go touch ups.

  • These pre-treated two-inch squares effectively remove tarnish and oxidation from silver and base metal.
  • The pads are made from tight-bond cellular foam and are permanently bonded with micro-abrasives.  


Use until both sides of the pad are dark grey then discard.